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11 Verified Marketing Strategies For Construction Companies That Won’t Cost You A Thing

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Marketing your local business is crucial to long-term development and continuous activity.

Start with these eleven construction marketing strategies. They’re free and proven to work.

I encourage you to use them in getting brand-new customers. It will help to expand the development of your organization.

1. Enhance Your Social Media Existence


Social media is one of the best ways to show existing clients and possible leads a more personal side.

When done, social networks are exceptional tools to use to reach brand-new customers.

Existing consumers can remain updated with you, too.

Engage with people on social media every day to build an audience and increase business.

Post several times per month, and most of your content should show personnel in various light.

Showing your human side is essential!

Which social media platforms are a right fit for you? 


Facebook is still the king when it comes to B2C (business selling to consumers).

It produces the most considerable return on investment when implemented.

LinkedIn weighs in at a hefty second.

It can offer better outcomes than Facebook for B2B (business selling to business).

LinkedIn is a sensational platform to get in touch with other service people and fellow business owners.

LinkedIn is a professional Facebook.

Make sure to like, comment and engage with your connections.

Invite individuals who are in your chosen customers or your target market.

There is a method that works marvels. For every seven posts, only one needs to be a sales pitch.

People don’t want to hear from a salesperson.

They’re trying to find education and details.

It proves out more than ever with social media.

2. Grow Relationships Through Email Marketing


Email is an exceptional marketing tool that many individuals and businesses overlook.

They believe it’s too expensive.

In reality, there are email marketing services without a charge!

MailChimp is an outstanding method for marketing a construction company to grow.

You can send up to 12,000 emails every month for free!

MailChimp provides design templates you can use to have professional-looking emails.

Track who opens your email and see if they clicked anything.

Tracking the open rate and click rate are very important details.

Email automation marketing is utilized to preserve existing client communications.

You can mass mail short articles (choose a routine – daily, weekly, or monthly) to your past and current clients.

Your emails must contain relevant information that’s informative to the receivers.

The 7 to 1 rule goes with emails as well.

Include a special if your local business is having one.

This presumes that you have emailed and most other emails have been inspirational, educational, entertaining or all 3 (all 3 is best).

Email marketing is everything about the numbers.

The more individuals you email, the much better open rate and action you’ll get.

Add a popup to your website like this one from Purple.


When people go to your site, you should have to have a pop-up that asks for an e-mail address when they attempt to leave.

If done the proper way, the potential outcomes can delight you! 


3. Include New Content To Keep Your Website Relevant


If your website is good enough, it can be your top sales point.

They’re made to be making you money while you sleep.

I’m serious.

Websites can do this job for you.

It’s understandable though; websites can be pricey for a startup construction company.

Some sites designers start at $3,000+ for a templated version, and customized websites can run in the $25,000+ range.

Your site needs to be an important marketing expenditure you put in place.

Are you still attempting to choose between marketing methods?

Make certain this page remains on your bookmark list!


Don’t want to invest in a site or a redesign?

That’s great!

Start by developing impressive content for your website that drives interest and clicks.

Remodel your website for user experience and to capture leads first.

Include premium images to get individuals to remain on your site longer.

Ensure to have clear CTA’s (calls to action) in tactical places such as the top and bottom of each page.

Share your material on social media and through email to drive more clicks.

PRO TIP: Get a WordPress site optimized for Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is, by far, the very best marketing financial investment your business can make.

SEO can drive up to 22x return on investment (per dollar spent). 


4. Use Video Content To Grow An Audience


More appealing content consists of video, which people love!

Videos are one of the best construction marketing strategies that will last a long time.

People are 19x more likely to see a video than read a blog article.

Take a look at this video, produced by AK HVAC.

Over 56,000 views. Pretty fantastic!


Unsure on how or where to begin with making videos?

Luckily, you can craft a well prepared, engaging video at no cost or pennies on the dollar.

Get a film trainee to volunteer or do it alone.

Google provides tutorials on how to make vids on an Android that look incredible!

Trying to think of the concept that your video is going to be about?

Start with the essential elements of your specific niche.

Think it over:

  • What is decorative concrete?
  • What is the best house paint?
  • What is the recommended temperature for a water heater?

See Quora if you need more concepts for your videos.

It’s a question and answer forum where you can see different questions people are asking.


5. Establish A Consumer Referral Strategy


Recommendations, or word of mouth, is one of the most potent marketing techniques there is.

A referral program should be on your list of construction marketing strategies.

Are you wondering how you might go about setting up such a program?

It’s basic and carried out in many ways.

Offer deals for existing buyers or provide a reward for referring brand-new customers.

Recommendations will spread out the news around how awesome your service is!

Give existing consumers a considerable discount on their next job for recommendations.

Are you looking for more referral concepts?

See this outstanding list of 79 referral methods.


6. Get More Customers Through Partnerships


Form alliances with other organizations in the industry for shared tasks.

Partnering is a top construction marketing method that brings results free of charge.

Band together for a promotional giveaway or a special event.

Prospective new clients will start to explode your phone!

Partnering with an organization provides you two times as much direct exposure.

How do you begin establishing these strategic relationships?

Look for a local Association of General Contractors (AGC) chapter.

They’re an excellent location to meet General Professionals, Trade Specialists, and even Architects. 

7. Invest Time At Meetups


Networking is another free method to market any business in the construction industry.

It will lead to excellent recommendations.

Although time-consuming, there are platforms to discover the right meetups for you.


You Should Try These Fundamental Three Networking Tips:

  1. Always Consume Lunch With Somebody: Ask somebody to have lunch with you. Don’t sit with people in your company.

  2. Genuine Relationship Building: Build outstanding relationships by considering what you can give.

  3. Engage: Sign up with a new networking group in your area. Do it once a quarter at least, but monthly is better. The quantity of people you learn more about and how fast your network grows is significant. The results are fantastic!

Which construction marketing method should you put in place?

The viewpoint of “eat lunch with somebody” is the best place to begin!


8. Use High-Quality Images


Show off new deals by posting out images from excellent jobs completed.

Utilizing pictures is one of the top construction marketing strategies.

It’s rarely done by construction and contracting companies.

Your online assets should have plenty of top quality images of leading projects.

Beautiful photos keep visitors on a web page up to 67% longer.

Make certain to change the images for the best color and make them easy to search.

PRO TIP: Snapseed and Instagram are fantastic tools for taking improved images on Android.

Data shows that top-notch images on a site increase trustworthiness by 186%.

Get free stock photos on site like Pixabay.


9. Get Associated With The Local Neighborhood


Another completely free construction marketing method is to get involved in the community.

Help to fix up a house or volunteer at your kid’s school sports games.

Regardless of how you do it, use a t-shirt showcasing your brand and bring your biggest smile to all.

The feedback will stun you.

You’re likely to get exposure if you pick to get involved as this will reveal the residents that you care.

Ensure to post about your participation on your social media page.

The city needs to understand that you appreciate the people and not the money!

Promote returning to the neighborhood and share the images on your social media.


10. Business Is Actually About People


Getting personal is one of our favorite construction marketing strategies!

Few construction companies put this in place into their marketing projects.

Offer your existing and future clients a clear view.


Show a personal side of your business, and the way of life behind the curtains.

Customers wish to engage with other people, not with a business.

Digital marketing campaigns bring tremendous outcomes for services that don’t act like businesses!

Mix your project pictures and updates with images of what’s going on inside the workplace.

People love photos of staff or the group doing something besides work as well.

Start showing pictures of your group out of the workplace.

Offer a more personal experience to your customers and be more friendly.


11. Get Your Website Improved For Search


Searching the web is how people find locations, numbers, details, and more online.

93% of all buying experiences start with a Google search.

Dominating the top of the first page in Google is a huge factor for local construction businesses to prosper.

With all these marketing strategies, this one is the most essential for long-term success.

91% Of All Searchers Do Not Pass The First Page Of Google

In today’s economy, search engines are the arbiters that address customers concerns.

Every business brand needs to have a strong presence in search.

Google is the most popular site on the Internet, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Rank higher on Google/Bing and Youtube so you can get more visitors to your website.

Picture ranking #1 on Google for “AC Repair work,” “New Air Conditioner” or “Best AC Company.”

If you owned a heating and cooling business, that would be a ton of free leads for your service.

It’s no secret your business would skyrocket if you had incoming site queries.


There it is, eleven validated marketing methods that would benefit any construction business.

Best of all, they’re free.

Any company can use these helpful marketing methods to help them grow their service.

Do not wait!

Give these marketing techniques a try today.

Get In Touch With Us Anytime!

Which of these construction marketing strategies are you going to put in place first?


Does it all seem like too much?

Would you like for someone to do all this for you?

We can help!

Digital Carnage offers high-quality done-for-you digital marketing services.

Contact us today and set up a free strategy call.

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  1. As mentioned before, word of mouth is perhaps one of the most powerful marketing tools there is, which means a customer referral program should definitely be on your list of construction marketing ideas. Wondering how to go about setting up a customer referral program? It’s easy and can be done a number of different ways. From offering free products or services for existing customers to offering a reward for referring new customers, customer referrals go a long way in spreading the news about how great your company is.

  2. I seriously love your website.. Great colors & theme.
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  3. Great article! Taking advantage of the digital space and making the most out of your free resources would be extremely beneficial for expanding your reach and increasing your leads. A lot of construction companies usually stick to traditional means of marketing, while the industry is leaning towards a mix of traditional and digital marketing. Keeping up with these trends would yield positive results! If you’re interested in learning more about expanding your digital space, you should definitely look for more strategies related to digital marketing and SEO.

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