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Top Reputation Management Service To Give You A Competitive Advantage.

Our Reputation Management Service

A great reputation is important because it can set you apart from competition, and plays a huge factor in whether someone chooses you over them.

The Best Platform For Reputation Management And Reviews

We use a proprietary review & reputation management platform.

The best part about is it that you don’t need to be an expert to use it!

(In fact, you don’t have to use or maintain it at all if you don’t want to. We’ll do it for you)

Here’s How it Works for Customers Leaving Reviews

First, we get customers to a page that looks like this and ask them a simple question: did you have a good experience or a bad experience?

Reputation Management Service Package By Digital Carnage

On this page, they’ll see different websites where they can leave reviews.

In this case, we purposefully made Google bigger because we want more people to leave reviews on there for this particular client.

Once you click on a website, you get step-by-step instructions as well as a link that takes them to the page where they can leave the review.

Reputation Management Service Package By Digital Carnage 3

Now, let’s backtrack a bit. What happens if someone had a bad experience?

Reputation Management Services

If that’s the case, they then get sent to this page, where they can leave their contact information and a message.

Review And Reputation Management Platform

As much as possible, we want to handle bad reviews offline, so they don’t have a negative impact on the client’s reputation.

That’s how it works for your customers.

Review management service

We (or you) can add an email or even an entire spreadsheet of emails to the system.

From there, you can send an automated email drip to each of the contacts in it.

If a contact doesn’t respond to the first email, they’ll be sent a follow up in a few days.

What happens if you don’t have customers’ emails?

Well, usually, if you haven’t done a good job of collecting emails, you’ve done a good job of getting phone numbers.

With this system, you also have the option to send out texts requesting reviews.

Create A Customized Opt-In Form

Reputation Management

This form is something you can access so you can manually enter customers in the system if you choose to do so.

However, we’ve found that importing contact information is the most effective way of getting customers in the system.

Embed Reviews On Your Website

Reputation Management Services

You can automatically select what kinds of reviews are embedded on their website.

This feature also shows what website the review came from, making it more believable than most reviews you see on a businesses websites.

Automatically Post Reviews Stream On Social Media Accounts

Reputation Management Services

Automatically post reviews to social media through this platform.

This not only makes good, consistent content that attracts new customers, but also makes you FEEL GOOD about your business when they see how awesome customers think you really are!

Other Awesome Tools

Reputation Management Tools

Create custom email signatures, embed buttons, and QR codes to capture even more reviews.

Compatible With Tons Of Review Sites

Reputation Management Services

Take Advantage Of This

Work begins within 24 hours after your payment is processed.


$ 1997 Per Year
  • Control Reviews Online
  • Free Setup
  • Every Review Site
  • Embed Reviews On Your Site
  • Share Reviews On Social
  • Invite By Email Or Text
  • Executive Reporting


$ 297 Per Month
  • Control Reviews Online
  • Free Setup
  • Every Review Site
  • Embed Reviews On Your Site
  • Share Reviews On Social
  • Invite By Email Or Text
  • Executive Reporting
Reputation Management FAQ
The most frequently asked questions and answers about review and reputation management.

How Do I Cancel And Will I Receive A Refund?

All Services rendered by Digital Carnage are on a prepaid subscription basis. Depending on the amount of work completed at the time of cancellation, this may mean receiving a full refund, a partial refund, no refund, or owing additional fees. Full and recurring payments may be arranged by contacting us for further details.